Valdinievole Turismo is the result of a joint decision by 8 local municipalities to put the region’s cultural, artistic and natural beauty on display.

Valdinievole Turismo was established following the passing of regional law n.24 (integration of the Consolidated Law on tourism) dated 18/05/2018. This legislation defines the establishment of territorial areas as responsible for the organization and management of tourism in the region.

Accordingly, local administrations of Valdinievole, organized themselves as associates in managing information and the reception of tourists and in planning pertinent activities and promotional work. This organization aims to increase efficient and timely communication regarding regional tourism opportunities, promoting homogeneous tourism development and increased bookings for accommodation facilities in the area.

Promotional activities are organized and managed by local administrations, assisted by  Toscana Promozione Turistica in order to maintain homogeneity of information and tourist options among the various areas in the region.